What Will We Do?

One week ago, I had many emotions and few words. Watching George Floyd’s murder rendered me speechless. Writing about grief and anger did not seem appropriate for such a solemn moment, but re-posting LeBron James’ meme on Instagram did. It does not say much, but it says it all.

As the meme illustrates, we all knew about the racial injustices at hand before last week. What did we collectively do? We hashtagged #BLM and bought Kaepernick apparel. I confess that I have not taken enough opportunities nor spent meaningful resources, time, or money fighting racial injustice in the US. Even my two young daughters understand very well that if one is in distress, then the other better drop whatever they’re doing and help. Yet it is easy for me to focus on whatever I’m doing regardless of the distress all around me. I need to be better and do better. George Floyd’s murder was tragic, just as the countless murders that preceded his were. I am not sure why his death was the needle that broke the back of our national consciousness, but it was and here we are. We’re grieving. We’re angry. We’re marching this week. We’re posting black squares. We’re praying. We’re donating. We’re having meaningful conversations with our kids. We’ll march again next week. We’ll donate again. But then what What will we do when this moment passes? In three months from now? When the protests, momentum, and public attention fades? Then what? What will we do?

I don’t have the answer for myself or anyone else, but life should not return to “normal.” We cannot let this opportunity pass without committing to change. We’re each called to fight injustice and we each need to start thinking about what will we do?